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Kickstarting other groups - the accessible groups

The accessible groups were a group that I moderate and one of its sister groups. Here goes!:


I'm Unna. I'm the moderator of this group.
I own another group called The Daily Input, and as it is similar to this group, and has been inactive as well, I thought I'd try to kickstart this one as well.

The pic I'm sending is actually sent to me from a friend of mine, Elizabeth. I found it too cool not to post!

So, do you guys have a favorite pic of Elijah, something to share, so the group might get up and running again?

I'm only a bit less than 20 minutes from watching Orlando Bloom and Alicia Keys on Letterman, which is a week late where I am (Greater Copenhagen, Denmark). I can't wait!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com



I'm Unna. I'm the moderator of the sister group of this one, Elijah-Wood_pics. As I'm re-starting my on group, The Daily Input, I thought I'd take a shot in a few other groups similar to mine, that are also inactive.

I picked a shot of Harry in Africa, as I was watching an update of The Angel Network on the Oprah show the other day. She mentioned Harry carrying on the work of his mother in Africa, and I think that the pic I chose is actually from the footage Oprah used.


HRH Prince Harry


Smiley Unna.
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