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Input of the last weekend of November, 2005.

Right. I know, I'm really good at forgetting.

Anyhoo. Here we go again, I'm giving it a new try.

Today is the 1st Sunday of Advent. This day is the New Years Day of the Christian church - I learned this, I think it was last year when I payed one of my rare visits to the local church (by now it's because I'm a regular at a church of another denomination, as the choir I sing in belongs there). As I shook the hand of the priest there (who wasn't the one I usually visit at the local church), he wished me , "Happy New Year." I was surprised, but realised how things must be. I found a link with a few facts:

This weekend, we (the Culture Pilots of AFUK) have had a job at a Christmas event. You might think it's a bit early - but then again, today was the 1st Sunday of Advent.
We had a job consisting of four shows each of the two days, and it went well - until the second show today. For some reason a fireman entered the room in the middle of the show, declaring that it was illegal use of the room. We do have rules about the number of people in a room due to fire risks, but we expected that the people arranging this event had these things under control.
It was great, though - I never tried having a show stopped due to breaking fire regulations. Noone took it too badly, and we took it as another experience.

Today I snatched a comic strip from My Yahoo!:


- and a word from Urban Dictionary has found its daily way into my inbox:

Tryptophan coma
The feeling of exhaustion one feels after Thanksgiving dinner - due to the large amounts of tryptophan ingested through overeating.

I'll see you the day after Thanksgiving, assuming that I've snapped out of my tryptophan coma by then.



Smiley Unna.
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