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Picks of Wednesday, October 20th 2004 - The Daily Input and Dom_A_Day

Wednesday's picks!

The Daily Input

soadorable - October 20th Input

Researching on Alexandra Astin for the group Dom_A_Day, I was looking through the pics of So Adorable - The Alexandra Astin Fansite. I found this pic of Sean and Alexandra, father and daughter.

So Adorable - The Alexandra Astin Fansite


hobbitgroup - Wednesday's Dom Pic

On this pic you you see:
Billy, Sean A, Christine, Dom
Dom's scale double, and two other scale doubles, one of them being BK, Sean's scale double. The scale double to the far right is holding Sean and Christine Astin's oldest daughter, Alexandra.

Alexandra Louise Astin is born on November 27th, 1996, and is almost 8 years old. You can see her in her big screen debut as Elanor Gamgee, daughter of Samwise and Rosie, in LotR - RotK.

Elizabeth Louise Astin was born on August 6th, 2002, and is 2 years old.

Source: So Adorable - The Alexandra Astin Fansite

Smiley Unna.
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