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This is the Daily Input community of LJ.

This is made from the idea of the Yahoo! Group The Daily Input, but is also for other groups with daily inputs. The idea with the LJ community is to make the daily inputs easier to access for the members of the Yahoo! Groups - some of the inputs can fill up very much space in an e-mail inbox, members of Yahoo! Groups on Daily Digest misses out on the attachments if they're not uploaded to the group, some members don't have a profile to enter the group page with, etc.. This might also count in other kinds of groups (MSN, Google, etc.).

If you have a group with a regular input (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), you are welcome to use this community to post it in as well. Just know that it is only certain members who can post, so you should ask permission before posting - also to avoid getting confused, frustrated, and so on.

As I have just started the community, I will try to get a hold of so many daily input group owners/moderators as I can to bring the attention to this community.

Here is a list of daily/regular input-themed groups and communities I know in alphabetic order:
Aragorn_A_Day (AAD)
bloom_n_bean (spin-off from a series of posts in Temple_of_Viggo_Bloom_Bean_Karl_Dom/Eating Viggo Blooming Beans)
Boyd_A_Day (BAD)
Chocolate Café (CC)
Dom_A_Day (DAD)
Elijah-Wood_Pics (EWP)
The Global Epicure
Legolas_A_Day (LAD)
Liene's Daily Pics (LDP, MSN-group uniting EWP, OBP, and PHP)
Orlando_A_Day (OAD)
Orlando-Bloom_Pics (OBP)
Prince-Harry_Pics (PHP)

rightclicklick has quite a list of daily communities, plus others.

The interests are written as reflecting what is in the groups displayed on the list - don't hesitate if you have a group with other kinds of inputs!



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